Kazakhstan: “2020 Employment” program involves people in remote villages

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The “2020 Employment” program, initiated by the President offers every citizen of Kazakhstan an opportunity to learn a popular trade and land a job.

Residents of remote areas in the East Kazakhstan region have already enjoyed the benefits of social modernization. Just a couple of months ago, Andrei Dronov was unemployed and today he is a tractor driver. He underwent a training course organized as part of the “2020 Employment” program. Andrei, like other residents of the Kokpekty district who attended the course as part of the employment program, has a good salary and a great desire to improve his skills. The “Neva” farm, where Andrew works, grows wheat, oats and oilseeds. Anyone who is not lazy can find a job, farmers say.

There are also prospects for anyone who wants to start their own business. Novice businessmen can raise micro-loans. This year, 100 people will be retrained and employed in the Kokpekty district and 158 villagers have filed applications for micro-lending. Novice entrepreneurs are planning to open furniture and sewing shops, bakeries, and service stations.

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