Kazakhstan: About 447.5 thousand tons of grain in weight after processing was received in Kyzylorda region

In 2017, according to the statistics department, nearly 447.5 thousand tons of cereals in weight after processing were harvested in the Kyzylorda region, of which 97.3% is rice.

Farmers harvested 82.5 thousand tons of field vegetables, 136.6 thousand tons of melons and 60.0 thousand tons of potatoes for the season.

The bulk of the grain was grown in Zhalagash (24.3% of the gross harvest) and Syrdarya (22.8%) districts.

The greatest harvest of field vegetables was collected in Shieli district (33.1% of the regional volume) and in Zhalagash district (14.7%), melons – in Shieli (35.7%) and Zhanakorgan (19.5%), potato – in Shieli district (29.6%) and in Karmakshinsky district (17.3%).

Statisticians note that more than half of all cereal crops were grown and harvested by peasant farms or private farms (54.3% of the total gross harvest). Field vegetables (89.8%), potatoes (94.6%) and melons (78.4%) were collected by private households.

We recall, as previously informed the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, the planting acreage of rice in the region in 2017 amounted to more than 90 thousand hectares, which is 10 thousand hectares more than in 2016.

According to the regional akimat, 181.2 thousand hectares of land was sown with different crops. Of these, 97.7 thousand are allocated for grain crops, 6.8 thousand – for oilseeds, 60.1 thousand – for fodder crops for livestock raising and 16.6 thousand hectares for vegetable and melon crops.

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