Kazakhstan: Advanced technologies used in harvest preservation

Новость на Казах-зeрно:

A drip irrigation system enabled onion producers from the Almaty region to increase the harvest to up to 80 tons per hectare. This year, the farmers plan not only to saturate the domestic market but also export products to Russia.

Advanced technologies enabled Kazakh farmers not only to survive the summer drought but keep and multiply their harvest. In particular, it involved introduction of drip irrigation system in crop husbandry. Now this method is widely used in the country’s southern regions. Farms in the Almaty region use drip irrigation for growing onions. According to experts, this method not only preserves the crop, but also has a number of economic benefits.

Director of  Kazhygul Agro Farm LLP Marat Kambarov said : «Probably the most important thing is substantial water savings along with reduced labor and energy costs. This system allows for irrigating up to 60% of the total area of fields. It also reduces the cost evaporating water. And this results in reduction in the cost of products.»

According to experts, by using drip irrigation, one can increase the yield at least twice. Now farmers are ready to harvest up to 80 tons from one hectare. Its main portion will be supplied to the domestic market.

Director of Kazhygul Agro Farm LLP Marat Kambarov: «We are actively involved in the creation of a food belt around Almaty and also work with regional socio-entrepreneurial corporations that purchase basic products to establish regional stabilization funds to avoid price spikes in the spring-winter period.»

Apart from covering the domestic demand, companies plan to develop exports to the Customs Union participating countries.

Director of Kazhygul Agro Farm LLP Marat Kambarov: «This year, Russia’s harvest will be significantly lower than last year, particularly in Volgograd, Rostov and Kuban, due to floods and drought. Therefore, this year we started developing our company’s export potential and actively cooperate with Russian regions. First of all, these are Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts.»

Due to the prolonged drought in Kazakhstan, farmers expect the 2012 harvest to be rather modest. According to experts, the wheat harvest will be 13 million tons this year. Oilseeds, fruit and vegetables are also at risk.

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