Kazakhstan: Agricultural producers to receive 50 thousand tons of seeds for 2013

Новость на Казах-зeрно:

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan will prepare about 50 thousand tons of seeds for the harvest of 2013 for agricultural producers within the work on elimination of the consequences of droughty weather, the press service of the Ministry informs.

Thereat, a complex of measures on elimination of the consequences of the drought, provision of the regions with grain and fodder for livestock breeding and prevention of increase of the prices for flour and bread is taken. In order to prevent price increase “Prodcorporation” JSC sales wheat at a fixed price of 28 thousand tenge per one ton.

Besides, cattle breeding farms selected by the akimats will be provided with mill offal. Farmers affected by the drought will receive prolongations for their credits and additional diesel fuel for provision with fodder.

As the Ministry informs, 3.8 mln ha of grain crops or 23.7% are in good condition, 9.7 mln ha or 60.2% – in satisfactory condition, 2.2 mln or 13.4% – in dab condition.

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