Kazakhstan: Agriculture Ministry inspects fields and grain elevators

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Hot weather persists in all grain-growing regions in the country.

Therefore, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture visited those areas, met with farmers, and inspected grain elevators’ readiness to receive a new crop. This season, Kazakh farmers are planning to harvest 14 million tons.

Farm director Assylbek Ismagambetov: “If we harvest an average of 12 to 15 hundredweights this year, I think it will be a very good result. We need rain now. The price of crop is rising nowadays so it will all be compensated”.

There is a new program called “2012 Harvest” under which people can now obtain harvesting equipment with no down payment. It is aimed at small and medium-sized farms. The Ministry of Agriculture recommends that farmers take advantage of this leasing product and carry out harvesting activities in a timely manner while it is dry, before the fall rains come.

A heavy load of grain elevators during the reaping period is another issue. Now it is necessary to free up capacities for receiving the new crop. For example, this elevator is 65 percent filled with grain of the Food Contract Corporation from last year.

Grain elevator director Yerbol Tashenov: “We have even offered to buy it ourselves and dispatch it. We found contracts and this year the demand for wheat is very good. It is around 200 US dollars per ton of grain from the grain elevator”.

In the meantime, the harvesting campaign is already underway in the south and west of the country. According to farmers, there will be grain not only for the country’s needs but also for sale. Over 12 million tons of grain were dispatched from Kazakhstan in the last marketing season. According to forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture, this year, the export potential will be about 10 million tons.

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