Kazakhstan: Akmola farmers will increase grain area

This year, Akmola farmers are planning to sow crops on an area of 4.2 million ha. This was announced at the meeting in akimat with the head of the region Sergey Kulagin by Acting Head of Regional Department of Agriculture Dimash Talasbayev.

According to him, in 2015 it is planned to carry out spring sowing on an area of over 4.6 million ha, of which grains and legumes will occupy 4.2 million hectares, oilseeds – 290.9 thousand hectares, potatoes – 18.5 thousand hectares and vegetables – 4.4 thousand hectares.

It is planned to sow forage crops on the area 197.2 thousand ha, while the total area of coarse grains in the region will be 561.5 thousand ha, which is above the level of 2014 by 31.7 thousand ha.

We recall, as previously wrote the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, last year Akmola region had the largest grain area in the country. Here, the harvested area in 2014 was 4,107,600 ha. Harvesting is completed on 100% of arable land. The average yield was 12 q/ha; it was threshed 4 million 911 thousand tons of grain.

Need for seeds for the planting season is 523.6 thousand tons in the region; in fact 523.6 thousand tons, or 100%, are already procured.

More than 17 thousand units of grain seeders and 1026 units of high-producing sowing machines will participate in the planting season this year. General readiness of machine and tractor fleet on average in the region, as of March 27, 2015, amounts to 92-100%.

In general, all necessary measures for the preparation and timely carrying out spring field works at a proper agronomical level.

After hearing the report, the head of the region noted the need for all responsible parties to get under special control the issue of provision of all farms with seeds for the planting season in full.

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