Kazakhstan: Akmola farmers will increase oilseeds wedge by 19 thousand hectares

In Akmola region this year, farmers will sow 4.7 million hectares with different crops.

In the region will be changed the area under oilseeds and forage crops, reported in the office of domestic policy of Akmola region. Grains and legumes will take 4 million 200 thousand hectares. As in previous years, the agricultural sector will keep the direction for diversification. By 19 thousand hectares will be increased wedge of oilseeds – total area will be 271 thousand hectares.

“It should be noted that the need for seeds in the region is 529,000 tons, almost 100 percent are filled. Currently for analysis are supplied 330 thousand tons, 184 thousand tons are verified; 95% of them – is standard grain”, was noted on the website “Strategy 2050”.

Today is being carried out work to increase the rate of seed cleaning. The issue with fuel is almost resolved.

“Just yesterday, Government has allocated 65,000 tons of the guaranteed volume of cheapen diesel fuel at the price of 98,312 tenge per ton. In general, we can say that the Akmola region is almost ready for planting campaign”, said the deputy head of the regional department of agriculture Dimash Talasbayev.

As for the machinery, its readiness for today is 78%. About 17 000 seeders will go out to fields, of which 923 are high-producing sowing machines.

It is expected that seed preparation will be completed by April 25.

We recall, as previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, last year Akmola growers harvested 5110.6 thousand tons of grain from 4234.2 thousand hectares.

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