Kazakhstan: Akmola region introduces water saving technologies

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Residents of the Arnasai village in the Akmola region have switched to water saving technologies.

This saves nearly seventy thousand cubic metres of water annually in watering smallholdings alone. The project is part of “The future starts today” campaign. The local authorities are planning to introduce the technology of “smart” irrigation in the neighbouring villages in the near future.

Mariala Potekhina, Arnasai village resident: “Previously, I had to use buckets for watering and it was very hard. Whenever I carried them to the garden, I thought about how long it would actually take to water everything. And now I go to work, turn on the irrigation system and everything is done by the time I arrive”.

According to the estimates of local authorities, drip irrigation is a cost-effective business so they propped up the social project immediately. This system does not only increase the yield of vegetable crops, but it also has 2-3 times lower water consumption. This is especially important for the northern region, which has to deal with a shortage of drinking water.

Stephen Tull, UNDP Resident Representative in Kazakhstan, said that it is a very important project which is implemented along with the “Ak Bulak” program. He went on to say that there are no regional boundaries when it comes to water problems and the technologies they demonstrate are easy to use and available to everybody and therefore, this project should be extended all across Kazakhstan.

Residents of two hundred and sixty smallholdings now apply water saving technologies in the Arshaly district. A school village has recently joined them as well.

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