Kazakhstan: Almaty farmers have completed sowing of oilseeds

A significant part of the sowing campaign in the region is over. In particular, this regards to grain crops, vegetables, potatoes and melons. During this week oilseeds joined this list, writes the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Now, on the assurance of specialists of the regional department agriculture, local farmers are left to finish sowing of corn and rice.

Landowners fulfilled the sowing plan for cereal crops by 100%, giving 205.9 thousand hectares for cultivation, oilseeds – 159 thousand hectares.

Also sowing of vegetables, melons and potatoes is completed in the region; they occupied about 32, 4.5 and 37.4 thousand hectares, respectively.

Sowing of rice as of today covered 13 thousand hectares, which is 92% of the plan.

As noted in the department, the current planting season in the area has been slower than last year. However, favorable weather conditions allow completing planting within the target time frame, namely in the current week.

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