Kazakhstan: Barley helped Karaganda farmers to became a leader in terms of yield

Новость на Казах-зерно:

A crop yield in the Karaganda region, on October 7, was 12.6 quintals per hectare. At the same time it was mowed 529.8 thousand hectares, which is 80.3% of the total harvested area. Total it was harvested 666.4 thousand tons of grain, said the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Leader in terms of yields is Osakarovsky district – 14 q/ha. Karkaralinsky (12.6), Nurinsky (12.1), Buharzhyrausky (12) and Abaisky (12). The lowest yields in the area is in Zhanaarkinsky district – 6 q/ ha.

– In terms of yields we are second in the republic after the North Kazakhstan region – said the deputy akim of Karaganda region Kairat Aituganov. – But for us, this crop is the highest in 43 years, since the beginning of collection of statistical data in 1970. To raise the rate helped the fact that this year the region is actively engaged in cultivation of barley and oats, which showed a very high yield in our conditions. In some households, it was 32 q/ha. If this continues, then by 2016 the Karaganda region will enter the top three Kazakh grain producing regions and become the export hub of the country on barley.

Meanwhile, farmers are preparing for planting perennials before winter. Sown areas of wheat grass should be about 28 thousand hectares. This will allow the region to set the historical record, as with the spring planting on an area of 22.5 thousand hectares, the total forage crops for the year will exceed 50 thousand hectares.

– Today, the region has more than 200 tons of seeds of perennial grasses, said Kairat Aituganov. – The sample is 92%. Everyone who submitted an application must complete the selection by 14 October, in order to start planting at the end of the month. If the sample is delayed, we will redistribute the seeds, because the demand for them is very high. There will be a lot of willing.

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