Kazakhstan bins are filled up with more than 2 million 176 thousand tons of new grain

On August 23, grain harvest in Kazakhstan is performed by 7.2%.

Thus, according to the summary of the Ministry of Agriculture, at a specified date in the country threshed 1104.8 thousand ha. When the yield of 19.7 q / ha produced 2176.4 thousand tons of grain.

It should be noted, at the same date last year in the country grain milled was 1588.9 thousand tons.

As previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan expects that this year the Kazakh villagers collect the crop at the level of 2015.

In February this year Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the country reported that the gross yield of grain and leguminous crops in all categories of farms in Kazakhstan in 2015 in clean weight was 18.673 million tons, which is 8.8% higher than a year earlier. In the original recorded weight yield was 20.276 million tons, which is 7.3% more than in 2014.

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