Kazakhstan: By November 1, maize showed the highest relative growth in the past month

As previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, according to the farms of Kazakhstan Agency for Statistics, as of October 1, the amount recorded stocks of cereals amounted to 14,594,845 tons, and November 1, 2016 – 18,840,294 tons. As a result, in the course of domestic consumption, exports, losses and the arrival of new grain from October 1 to November 1, grain reserves in Kazakhstan increased by 4,245,449 tons or 29%.

Grain growth for individual crops has developed unevenly. This was due to the different time of ripening and threshing of various cultures. During October of wheat has increased by 3256917 tons to 15003289 tons, or 127.7%, to 142 742 tonnes of maize to 203,033 tons, or 3.37 times the rice to 106089 tons to 349,560 tons, or 143.6%, to 343076 tonnes of barley to 2336735, or 117.2%. Rye has decreased in volume by 1448 tonnes to 39042 or 96.4% and oats increased by 79,865 tons to 277,322 tons, or 140.4%, buckwheat at 38620 tonnes to 76817 tonnes, or 2.01 times, millet to 21,532 tons to 42851 tonnes or 2.01 times. Mixtures of grains increased by 198585 tonnes to 285571 tonnes, or 3.28 times.

The changes in the balance of the proportion of wheat it was 79.6% barley 12.4%, 1.1% corn, rice and oats 1.9% 1.5%. On the other crops and the mixture had spiked 3.5%.

We recall, September wheat rose in volume by 7935498 tonnes, or 3.08 times, corn on the 50672 tonnes or by 6.3 times, to 206 144 tonnes of rice and 6.5 times, to 1,252,149 tonnes of barley or 2.69 times rye at 3185 tons, or 8.5%, oats 103971 ton, or 2.11 times, buckwheat on 32641 ton, or 6.87 times, millet to 16,372 tons, or 4.31 times. Mixtures of cereals has increased by 55778 tonnes or 2.79 times.

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Agriculture during the harvest, harvest in Kazakhstan is over 100% to 1 November. Removed 15,353.2 thousand. Hectares of arable land, and received 23,680.9 thousand. Tonnes of grains with the average yield of 15.4 centners per hectare, higher than the average level. October was the third month of active growth of the grain balance of the republic.

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