Kazakhstan did not receive an official request from Russia for grain export ban. And if yes?

Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Yevgeniy Aman said the government of Kazakhstan did not receive an official offer from Russia about imposing grain export ban, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.
«We did not receive any formal offers or official documents from the Russian side. If the Government of Kazakhstan receives such a document, we will study the suitability of imposing such a ban “, – he said Friday.
At the same E. Aman said that Kazakhstan did not consider the possibility of imposing a grain export ban. “We did not plan and do not plan to impose any restrictions on grain export. Kazakhstan, taking into account the carryover stocks, is able to meet its domestic needs and generate export potential “,he added.
Whether Kazakhstan will impose grain export ban or not depends on the balance of grain in the country, which will be finally defined by the end of spring grain harvest. Now the situation on the grain market is unstable. If grain will be much less than expected, then everything is possible, even a ban. And there is no need for a special request in this case.
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