Kazakhstan: Exports of meat from Akmola region is 1 thousand tons

Новость на Казах-зерно:

This figure will be reached by the end of 2014, and by 2015 the region plans to increase exports up to 5 tons. The Head of the region Kosman Aytmuhametov announced this when reporting to the local population, said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

To achieve these goals in the past year in all areas of the region were entered feedlots, imported 600 heads of cattle of foreign selection; under the program “Sybaga” was purchased more than 4 thousand heads of cattle. Implementation of regional programs for development of beef and dairy cattle breeding, food belt around Astana allowed in 2013 to provide growth dynamics of livestock population of all kinds and livestock production.

This year, the work will continue to open in the regions feedlots and ITF, under the program “Sybaga” it is planned to purchase another 4 thousand heads of cattle. To improve the quality of feed and increase the productivity of livestock in the current year it is planned to open feed plant in Zhaksynsky area, in 2015 – in Kokshetau city. To ensure feeds for private and some farmhouseholds two service-procuring centres will be created in Zerendisky and Ereimentau areas.

An example of successful development of domestic processing with export orientation is the LLP “Astana – Agriproduct” which at the end of last year was one of the first from Kazakhstan who entered the market of Moscow. The company delivered 35 tons of meat and meat products, in addition, was signed the contract for the supply of another 300 tons this year. This year, LLP “Milk Project” plans to supply dairy products to Omsk region, which is situated on the border. In order to saturate the market with the main types of food products and ensure food security will be created new production lines.

In the current year it is planned to put the dairy plant “Eco -Milk” in Akkol area with capacity of 100 tons per day and oilseeds processing plant LLP “Agrimer – Astyk” in Kokshetau with capacity of 100 tons per day. In Kosshy village in Tselinograd district will be built Kazakh-Belarusian company for the production of 3 thousand tons of meat products per year.

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