Kazakhstan: Farmers of Akmola region sent about 35% of their grain harvest to elevators

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Since the beginning of harvest to November 22, Akmola elevators accepted 1 million 238 thousand 502 tons of new grain – operational data of MA. This represents 35% of the harvested grain this year, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Grain, which was sent from Akmola fields, mostly retain moisture level up to 14.5% – this is 702 thousand 360 tons from the total volume. Regional CRP currently dried out 477 thousand 702 tons of new crop, processed 866 thousand 560 tons of grain.

Warehouses of grain storages filled with 11 thousand 752 tons of soft wheat of 1 class, 75.1 thousand tons – the second, 13.7 – the third and five thousand tons of fifth class. The major part of the Akmola crop accounts for a wheat of 3 class – 888 thousand 306 tons.

Low levels of nature – the only thing that negatively affects the quality of the harvested crop. Grain analysis showed that most of the grain (408 thousand 726 tons) has a nature within 710-729 g / l.

Significant part of wheat of 3 class (576.5 thousand tons) arrived to the elevators with gluten of 28 percent or more. About 708 thousand 903 tons have a falling number of 200 or higher.

Akmola farmers also put in CRP 56 thousand 793 tons of barley of 2 class.

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