Kazakhstan finished harvesting of buckwheat

Today in Kazakhstan collected 3 263.6 thousand tons of barley that more than the same period last year to 594 thousand tons.

In the current year, barley was planted on an area of 1 897.2 thousand ha, of which 99.6% is now harvested with an average yield of 17.3 q/ ha. For comparison: in 2015 the yield of 13.5 q/ ha.

Harvesting of buckwheat is completed in the republic.

As a result, farmers have harvested about 100 thousand tons of this crop. The yield was 10.1 q/ ha. It should be noted that in Kazakhstan, buckwheat crop farmers engaged in 7 areas. It is mainly grown in the northern regions of the country.

We remind that earlier in the meeting of the Government the First Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Aituganov announced the upcoming changes in the structure of sown areas. They were told that in the coming years, sown area of cereals will be reduced by 2 million. Ha and will increase oilseed crops.

It should be noted, as previously informed the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, this year the acreage of all crops reached 21.7 million hectares, including grain crops -15.2 million hectares, including wheat – 12.2 million hectares.

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