Kazakhstan: Future of Agriculture depends on investment

Kostanay is stepping up the pace of industrial-innovative development of agriculture. During the years of industrialization in the area of agro-industrial complex was put into operation 180 investment projects, with the involvement of more than 72 bn. Debt to equity. It was reated 3,600 new jobs.

– This year we introduce 24 investment projects worth KZT 7 billion and create 400 new jobs, said the first deputy akim of the region Gauez Nurmukhambetov.. – The agricultural sector is becoming attractive for investment. Known by “Eurasia Food” began construction in the regional center of a unique oil extraction plant with a capacity of 300 ths. tons of processing oilseeds in the year, which will almost 2 times to expand the acreage of oilseeds. In this example we see as an investment a positive impact on the development of entire sectors, and consequently in production and economies of many farms.

It should be noted that the designed capacity, the previously entered new businesses, had a positive impact on the economy of the sector, said the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno. Investment projects in manufactured products by 84 bln., which provided almost a ten percent increase in the volume of agricultural output in value terms.

– It should be noted that the state not only puts the problem, but also provides tangible support to farmers – says Nurmukhambetov. – Since 2003, the development of agriculture invested almost 350 billion tenge including 128 billion tenge is non-returnable state support… Despite the tough budgetary constraints, this support is not only not reduced, but only to increase. President of the country indicated by the priorities of agricultural policy in the near future. For new types of support it provided 97 billion tenge village, of which a certain amount will be allocated and our region, which will contribute to the socio-economic growth and the strengthening of agro-industrial complex.

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