Kazakhstan: goat’s milk is in favor

In Kyzylorda region is actively developing breeding. Within the framework of the program “Employment Roadmap 2020” commuter village Karaultobe Orazbek Beisov increased his herd of goats.

On the credit funds received under the program was bought ten goats Saanen, which is famous for high udoyami. He now has seventy goats. Are their regular customers who buy his milk. Basically, take it for medicinal properties, writes the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

The benefits of goat’s milk is known to many people. But, despite this, the sale did not find large stores and supermarkets prefer cow’s milk. Buy Goat milk can, but as a rule, in the village, people who breed goats.

Kanat Muhimov Besaryk village of Syrdarya region built the first goat farm in the region.

Through the state program received preferential loan and built a farm, bought the necessary agricultural machinery, imported from Russia thirty goats valuable species. The farm is called “Kazyna”, whose director and became Kanat Muhimov.

– All the goats on the farm Zaanen dairy breed, which brought in Switzerland, – said Kanat. – With good care and maintenance of this goat can provide milk without interruption for eighteen years. The day we get 15 liters of goat’s milk. And they actively reproduce, adult females are born with two, or even three kid. Now they have seventy.

Every month on the farm purchase feed for livestock, stocking summer alfalfa. Feed imported from Shymkent, Almaty.

A liter of goat’s milk is 500 tenge. It tells the farmer, it becomes more and more connoisseurs. In addition to goats, there are more than twenty purebred cows and fifty horses, poultry there. Poultry farm is designed for three thousand chickens here now contains thousands of birds, incubator works.

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