Kazakhstan: Grain storage facilities ready for new yield

At a media briefing in Astana, the KazAgro Managing Director Bakyt Kudasbayeva has stated that Kazakhstan has enough elevator facilities for the reception of the new harvest. Currently, Kazakhstan has 221 companies providing grain storage services with agricultural producers having grain storage facilities as well. With all storages combined, the country is now able to properly store almost 23 million tonnes of grain. The government also offers food producers to build new or upgrade their existing grain stores at the expense of the National Fund, while KazAgroFinance announced the launch of a new programme entitled «Harvest 2012» aimed to support small farmers. Under the programme, farmers will be able to obtain lease financing for inexpensive harvesting and drying equipment.

Managing Director of KazAgro National Management Holding JSC Bakyt Kudasbayeva: «The programme provides a number of attractive measures for agricultural producers and it includes the reduction of the down payment amount to 10%, a deferral of payments for the farm machinery purchased prior to harvest and the first sales before November 15 this year. They can also get this machinery prior to the payment of the first lease payment. It means they can use this machinery in this year’s harvest.»

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