Kazakhstan: In 2014 the locusts will bring disaster

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Aktobe growers predict that 2014 will be difficult, complaining about the activity of the pests. According to them, today locusts lay enough eggs in order to completely destroy crops on local grounds next summer, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In the LLP “Zhosaly agro” the harvesting of spring wheat and barley will begin in 10-14 days; they plan to get about 8-12 quintals of grain per hectare. “But that is assuming that the locusts will do make even greater misery. This year, thanks to new machinery we were able to treat their fields from pests, but 5-6 hectares of planted area suffered from locusts. There is too much of it”, explained in the household.

Last year local farmers pointed egg-laying of pests, so since spring they began treating the farmland. But in the future, farmers say it will be even worse. “There are a lot of locusts this year, as a result more eggs were laid. Now there is nothing to do with the locusts. It sits on the ear and slowly eats our bread. And if we start to work – it goes away. During the rainy weather its activity decreases. But the future bread depends on how pest will behave now”, summed up in the household.

As previously wrote our agency in the region nearly one million hectares of land was treated with anti-locust pesticides. The region has agreed to review the work for anti-locust fight, to survey maximum area this year and prepare to fight the pest in 2014.

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