Kazakhstan: In Aktobe region vegetables increased in price by 12% for the month

Prices for food products in the past month in the Aktobe region increased by 1.4%, non-food products – by 1%, paid services to the population – by 0.4%, according to the statistics department.

In December, in comparison with the previous month, on average across the region, statisticians fixed the price increase for fresh vegetables by 12%, butter – by 4.4%, fresh fruits – by 2.9%, meat – by 2.5%, potatoes – by 1.2%, fish and seafood and eggs – by 0.8%, dairy products – by 0.7%, spices – by 0.2%, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno.”

As indicated in the statistical report, the prices for granulated sugar went down by 7.3%, carrot -by 4.1%, sunflower oil – by 3.7%, buckwheat – by 2.8%.

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