Kazakhstan: In the Aktobe region sown areas will be increased by more than 74 thousand hectares

This year in the Aktobe region it is planned to sow 641.7 thousand hectares. In comparison with 2016, the sown areas will be increased by 74.2 thousand hectares. For cereals, up to 383.9 thousand hectares of land was allocated. As previously reported by the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, it is forecasted that under favorable weather conditions 480 thousand tons of grain will be harvested.

At present, all areas of the region and the city of Aktobe are actively embarking on sowing operations. According to the regional department of agriculture, the agricultural formation of the region is fully provided with high-quality seed material, machinery and fuel, which is necessary for carrying out spring-field work. In particular, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan allocated 8.8 thousand tons of cheap diesel fuel, which was delivered in full in Aktobe.

It is worth noting that, due to unfavorable weather conditions, sowing in the region began somewhat later. However, agrarians of the Kargalinsky district are sure that they will have time to sow the fields before the end of May. During the meeting of akim of the region Berdybek Saparbayev with representatives of large farms of the region, it was noted that seeds will be used for sowing not lower than the second category.

– The main thing is not to delay the sowing time, now you need to direct all the forces and reserves to finish the spring sowing campaign in time. The akim of the district will bear personal responsibility for the quality of seed material. Agriculture plays a key role in ensuring food security, so we will continue to maximize the acreage, take strict measures to return unused land. The farms should also take care of preserving the soil fertility, using fertilizers and working on updating the machinery to reduce losses and increase yields, especially since significant measures of state support are provided for resolving these issues, the akim of the region stressed.

Berdybek Saparbayev also noted that multisectoral farms have more opportunities for development, therefore, agricultural producers, besides plant growing, need to be more active in animal husbandry. The district leadership was instructed to take measures to increase the efficiency of existing agricultural cooperatives and develop non-traditional types of agriculture for our region.

During the meeting the issue of development of unused irrigated lands was touched upon.

– The most irrigated land in the Kargalinsky district. Unfortunately, today only 33% of their total area is in circulation here. We should maximize the area of ​​irrigated land, which will allow us to get more food, provide livestock feed, create jobs. In general, in comparison with other areas of the region, you have better conditions for farming. If the full potential was used, the Kargalinsky district could provide the whole of Aktobe with key agricultural products, akim of the region is sure.

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