Kazakhstan: In Zhambyl farms has increased the number of cattle and horses, goats and poultry – decreased

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In January 2014, all categories of households in Zhambyl region sold for slaughter 6.4 thousand tons of cattle and poultry in live weight, or 102.4% compared to this period last year.

“Gross milk yield increased by 14.9 tons (0.1%) and amounted to 14.7 thousand tons. Egg production compared to last year increased by 40.2 thousand units (0.7%). During January 2014, the average milk yield per cow from dairy herd was 138 kg, the average yield of eggs was 8 pieces per a laying hen”, the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed in the regional statistics committee.

As noted statistics on February 1, 2014 compared with the same period last year, the number of cattle in farms of the region grew by 0.2% (by 0.5 thousand heads), horses – by 5.5% (by 4.8 thousand heads) and sheep and goats decreased by 0.4 % (by 5.3 thousand heads), birds 1.8% (by 20.2 thousand heads).

During this period, the region received 11.5 thousand heads of calves, 81.1 thousand lambs and kids, 7.5 thousand pigs.

In farms of the region in January 2014 fell 8 heads of cattle (9.2 % compared to the previous year), 17 pigs (113.3 %), 172 – sheep and goats (9.2%.), 11 – horses (10.4 %).

“In production of basic livestock products the predominant part accounts for private farms of local population, which produced 75.2 % of meat, 88.6% of milk, 57.6% of eggs”, reported statistics.

The volume of gross agricultural output in January 2014 over the region in current prices amounted to 5,546.6 million tenge.

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