Kazakhstan is provided with its own agricultural machinery only by 1%

AIC of Kazakhstan fell for hook, line and sinker to foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Because of this dependence prices for the necessary machinery are unreasonable, which does not allow introducing modern technologies and sensible labour organization. As a consequence, the productivity of agricultural sector of the country remains extremely low, as well as product quality. About this professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Seitkazy Keshuov, General Director of the Kazakh Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture told to the reporter of the IA “KazakhZerno.kz” edition.

On the need to significantly improve productivity in agriculture of Kazakhstan has repeatedly said the head of the state in his appeals to the people of the country, as well as during meetings with farmers. This is the only way to achieve a reduction of production costs, and thus its competitiveness. Increased productivity directly depends on the use of modern machinery and application of advanced technologies.

An additional problem is that now all over the world a single technical regulation both for production and quality of products is being introduced. Naturally, archaic technologies and manual labour do not match standards. If so, then the products cannot be delivered to the external markets. So, the question of mechanization in the agro-industrial complex – it is also a question of export-orientedness of the domestic agricultural sector.

– Things are in a bad way with the mechanization in the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, says Seitkazy Keshuov. – Yes, the purchase of tractors and other machines is carried out through various channels, including on lease with the support of the state. But as a rule, with the current level of prices only powerful grain-producing farms can afford new machinery. However, livestock farms, which need forage machinery, do not have possibility to make purchases.

Given that the imported machinery has increased dramatically in price after the devaluation of the tenge, there are simply no prospects to change the situation at the expense of imports. The only way out is to develop own production, which would make the machinery more available owing to local content.

– In Russia today, about half used agricultural machines – their own production – says Seitkazy cache. – Belarus – 90 percent of their own. In neighboring Uzbekistan, more than 80 percent of the cars – our own production. Everywhere are trying in every way to support domestic producers to import dependence was minimal. In Kazakhstan the situation is the opposite. According to our calculations, we now have in the country is produced not more than 1% of the equipment used in agriculture. What is assembled from imported parts, I do not believe for local production. So, we are completely dependent on imported technology.

Before, it was different, Kazakhstan produced many machines for agriculture. And they were delivered and the other republics of the Soviet Union and abroad. Even the Kazakh Research Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture, which has existed since 1948, produced and sold abroad preparation center. Now there are no opportunities for SRI. Head of the Institute is headquartered in Almaty and is engaged in designing machines for harvesting and forage. And there is a branch in Kostanay, which involved primarily with mechanization and electrification in the grain industry. But only enough resources to develop and manufacture “in the metal” technology prototypes. For serial production plants need to be connected.

– Foreign manufacturers have caught on bait and enjoyed our dependent position – said Seitkazy cache. – Statistics on prices look – nothing happens periodically unjustified price increases. Today was one price for a tractor, but tomorrow is another, higher by several tens of percent – without objective reasons. However, our farmers can not argue, and are forced to accept the conditions, because they depend on them. What to do? We must get away from this, to acquire independence. In mid-March Seitkazy cache visited Karaganda, at the invitation of Deputy Governor of Shagurashida Mamalinova and took part in the meeting devoted to the prospects of establishing agricultural issue on the region’s factories. Institute of Karaganda industrialists presented 29 machines, which could be helpful for farmers. The presentation aroused great interest.

– Karaganda – industrial city – the professor says. – Factories here have survived, engineers are working. And we are ready to provide all technical and design documentation for the production of our machines. We are now finalizing the securities, representatives of factories soon get them. There are all conditions to start the cooperation. And this should be done, because of the development of the state in the world is judged by this criterion – as it itself is able to provide equipment. If something with your own hands can create – then and deserve respect.

Among the techniques developed by research institutes – the machine for sowing and harvesting, post-harvest undermining grain and forage machines group. In addition, the institute deals with the combined use of renewable energy sources and developing mechanisms to generate electricity through wind and wind-powered pumps. In recent years, we are working on introduction of modern information technologies for process automation.

– I think that right now the prospects of increasing mechanization in the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan appeared – says Seitkazy cache. – At the end of last year it was adopted a very important long-awaited law on agricultural cooperation. It encourages farmers to economic union. State promises to those cooperatives that decide to update the technology park benefits such as longer loan term (not less than 7 years), reimbursement of expenses, and interest rate subsidies. Another question – how quickly will be modernization of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan. Here, much will depend on the volume of financing of the state of relevant programs and the success of the joint work of scientists and industry.

Sergey Buyanov

“KazakhZerno.kz” newspaper

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