Kazakhstan: Karaganda farmers are pleases with the yields

In Karaganda region on 31 August to 9.2% of grain crops were harvested. This is 66.9 thousand hectares. The rate of harvesting a little higher than last year, when on the same date was harvested 57.8 thousand ha, the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed in the regional akimat.

What particularly pleased with the peasants, the average yield is much higher than last year. Now it is 11.6 quintals per hectare, whereas last year was equal to 8.2 kg / ha.

The total harvested area of cereals in the current season in the region is 730.5 thousand ha (in 2015 – 681.3 thousand ha.). On the write-off of the victims took 10.4 hectares of crops.

– We have in the district about 1500 hectares will go under the cancellation. In the early summer was hail, and broke several farm fields. Some of them have been restored and some died, says Manat Kurmangaliyev, head of agriculture department of Buharzhyrau area.

Farmers of the region to be removed 596.1 thousand ha of wheat and 117.3 thousand ha of barley. Compared with last year, wheat plantings increased by 89.1 thousand ha and barley, on the other hand, decreased by 9.3 thousand ha. The reduction is due to the unfavorable market conditions – for barley demand is low, and because of oversupply in the market, its price is almost two times lower than wheat at substantially the same cost.

It should be noted that potato, on August 31st, was collected to 9.3% of the area (784 hectares), vegetables – 9.6% (143 hectares). The yield is at the same level as last year.

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