Kazakhstan: Kostanay farmers are worried not about the price of grain

Новость на Казах-зерно:

October is outside, and the main concern of the farmers is not prices of new grain, and the fact that it still is not in the bins. Farmers have long been unable to collect the remains of the harvest from their lands, which greatly affect the quality of bread , wrote the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In particular, in one of the farms in Kostanay region 5 % of the area is in anticipation of harvest. More precisely, the grain is harvested in rolls, but it makes no sense to take them from the fields in such a cloudy weather. “We were standing during 20 days, waiting for a clear day. Yesterday we went out for harvesting, but again we had to postpone all, because of rains. We would have coped for one day”, said the head of the farm Anatoly Redko.

The quality decreases each day, and along with it decreases the chance to sell this grain at 24 thousand. That is the price today, according to the respondent, traders give per a ton of wheat of good quality. With the lower qualifications grain can be sold for 20 thousand tenge.

Another landowner, who wished not to disclose his name, stated slightly different purchase prices. According to him, in the region transactions are made at 25-26 thousand tenge per ton.

We recall that the harvesting campaign officially ended in the region closer to the middle of October. And according to the summary of the operational departments, the harvest in the region is more than 5 million tons.

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