Kazakhstan: Kostanay farmers harvested 5.1 million tons of grain

The harvesting campaign in Kostanay region is nearing completion. About 98% of grain areas have already been harvested. This was announced during a meeting with the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the first deputy akim of Kostanay region Gauez Nurmukhambetov, speaking at the meeting of the Commission on Agricultural issues of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“As of September 26, 4 million 100 thousand hectares of grain crops were harvested, or 98%. More than 5 million 100 thousand tons of grain has been harvested, the average yield is 12.3 quintals per hectare,” noted the first deputy akim of the region.

In addition, oilseeds were harvested on 182,000 hectares, or 52% of the area, 141 thousand tons were harvested with a yield of 7.7 quintals per hectare.

As it was earlier reported by IA “Kazakh-Zerno” this year in the region, a large part of the area – 4192.8 thousand hectares, or 80.7% – has been planted with grain and leguminous crops, 641.2 thousand hectares (12.3%) – with fodder crops, 351.3 thousand hectares (6.7%) – with oil crops, 8.9 thousand hectares (0.2%) – with potatoes, 2.8 thousand hectares (0.1%) – with vegetables and melons.

We recall, as previously informed our agency, the gross harvest of cereals and legumes in weight after completion in the Kostanay region in 2016 amounted to 4535.9 thousand tons, oil crops – 215.5 thousand tons, potatoes – 185.2 thousand tons , vegetables – 76.8 thousand tons, fodder crops – 1568.4 thousand tons.

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