Kazakhstan: Kostanay farmers increased agricultural output by almost 29%

Over the past year, agricultural output in Kostanay region, compared with 2012 increased by 28.7%.

“Gross output of agricultural products (services) in Kostanay region for January – December, 2013 amounted to 255,969.5 million tenge (at current prices), which is 28.7 % higher than in 2012”, indicated the report of the regional statistics department.

Thus, according to statistics, the gross output of crop production was 170,917.4 million tenge (166.3%), animal products – 84,296.6 million (92.9%), said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. It was sold for slaughter 169.5 thousand tons of all kinds of livestock and poultry in live weight (compared with 2012 – 90.3%); it was milked 338.5 thousand tons of cow’s milk (102.3%); it was obtained 463.6 million units of chicken eggs (88%).

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