Kazakhstan: Kyzylorda rice growers have to mow seven thousand hectares

Kyzylorda rice farmers mowed 83,379 hectares out of 90,977, it was threshed 73,757. The average yield is 51.6 quintals.

On the fields of “Aktobe and K” LLP, almost the entire rice wedge – 1,875 hectares – is moved, only the rice of the Iranian variety “TaromHoshimi” should be removed. It is grown on 100 hectares in the LLP. But for such a large farm it is a few hours of work. The director of the farm household, Nurlan Izdebayev finds it difficult to tell the average yield of the “foreigner” at the moment. He says that it is necessary to count precisely and then to announce, because this was the first experience. The workers have little experience in growing “Taroma”, but the usual “Leader” gave an average of 75 quintals.

“It was an experiment, and I think we finished it well,” the director of the farm household told the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno.” – At the end of October we must send to Iran at least 60 tons of “TaromaHoshimi”. We will sell it for three or four dollars per kilogram. Its seeds were brought from this country last year, since an order was received from Iranian businessmen to grow rice and send it to Iran. This opportunity arose for our farm through cooperation between the regional akimat and the Republic of Iran. Iranians plant rice with seedlings and receive 33-35 quintals per hectare. Our rice farmers are planting rice with a seeder, using other technologies, so we will calculate the average yield, and we think that we will get more than our Iranian counterparts.

Sending rice for export is not a new business for the farm household, it’s already been two years since LLP delivers it to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

“Aktobe and K” LLP is a strong farm where 126 people work. Now work on the current is organized in three shifts – sixty people are employed here. The director of the farm names the best workers – harvesters. Kairzhan Ilyasov and Nurlan Abdikalykov mowed 550-600 hectares, the best combine operators Temirlan Kushekbaev, Bakhytzhan Zhumabaev, Nurbek Nauryzov threshed 1,920 quintals. There are also the best carriers – Baurzhan Kushikbaev and Erlan Madirov, they transported 20 thousand quintalss each. The best rice growers were Galymzhan Eldesbaev, Sensebek Ayapov, Darkhan Nurzhanov, Talgat Otarbayev, Serik Shultykov, Ardak Yesenov, Turlybek Beidakulov and Marat Zhakenov.

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