Kazakhstan: Land inventory to be conducted on 30 mln ha of land in 2012

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Works on the inventory of agricultural land were started in order to ensure maximum efficiency of use of agricultural land, Chairman of the Agency for Land Resources Management Kadirkhan Otarov said at the Government session today.

“The inventory of all agricultural land transferred to the activity, i.e. more than 90 mln ha is planned to be carried out in 2012-2014,” K.Otarov said.

He also noted that this year, inventory works were planned to be conducted on more than 30 mln ha.

Presently, the preparatory works that are the first stage of the works on inventory of land have been completed in all regions of the country.

“The results of the inventory will be approved by the regional governors and form a basis for reregistration of rights for land and introduction of corresponding amendments to the land-cadastral documents,” the Chairman of the Agency said.

Besides, Kadirkhan Otarov emphasized the necessity to accelerate the process of resolving the issue regarding minimum sizes of agricultural and plots as long as it would help to strengthen farms and agricultural enterprises in the regions.

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