Kazakhstan: Meat and milk will not be easy to buy

Новость на Казах-зерно:

As can be seen by visiting the exhibition in Agritek Astana 2014, Kazakhstan’s livestock breeding is quite a tasty morsel for global players. Canadian Association of Angus, an Australian firm breeding pedigree cattle, feed dietary supplements manufacturers from Belorussia, China and Turkey clearly want to settle in our steppes.

The correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” asked Kazakh farmers to comment on an outstanding variety. Here is what says about this a young breeder Nurlan Orazbayev:

– I only plan to do animal husbandry, and came to the exhibition to see the most current proposals at the date. It is always beneficial to sell meat and milk, besides the industry enjoys a good state support, so I decided to move away from my first specialization in crop production and start livestock breeding. It is very good that here gathered under one roof government representatives offering attractive subsidies and direct manufacturers. You can immediately determine the suppliers of necessary livestock or equipment and make profitable financing program.

And an experienced breeder Duman Dautov from agricultural holding “Topar” in Karaganda region, specializing in the cultivation of breeding cattle for dairy farms, is more cautious in his assessments.

– With what kind of mood do you meet spring?

– For professionals engaged in agriculture, this is time of a real drive – we finally woke up after hibernation.

– Are your hopes associated with some recovery on the Kazakhstan market?

– Yes, the recovery is felt, due to the fact that not only large farms are becoming advanced, but ordinary peasant as well. I see that now everyone is trying to acquire modern machinery, which is faster and more reliable, besides agricultural activities are subsidized by the state. I think that in anticipation of the entry into the WTO it is very important. Now the government should increase its support in order we will be able to reorient in a quality manner and complete re-equipment of industrial complexes and their equipment with new machinery and tools.

– How will the change in the national currency affect you, your suppliers and consumers of the final product?

– It will affect all of us. All of you can see, many things can be bought for the currency, because they are made only abroad. And sooner or later it will affect the price of products on the shelves of shops. We, of course, are already accustomed that the products are getting more expensive all the time in such economy like ours, but it may be more sensitive.

Thus, we, the consumers, can only track the extent to which these cautious predictions will come true.

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