Kazakhstan: More than 20.3 million tons of grain was collected from 97% of the area – Ministry of Agriculture

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Adverse weather conditions do not allow Kazakh farmers to complete the harvesting of grain crops. For the past day Kazakhstan growers threshed only 21.5 thousand hectares.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, today is cleaned 15,284.7 thousand hectares of 15,743.9 thousand hectares of harvested area (97.1%). Grain harvest is nearly 20 million 311 thousand tons, reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In particular, “according to the regional department of agriculture, on October 23, this year agricultural producers harvested 15,284.7 thousand hectares, accounting for 97.1% of the harvested area of the regions; it was harvested 20,310.7 thousand tons, the average yield totaled 13.3 q/ha”, was said in a situation report of Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the department, procurement of seeds today is performed by 98.2% of the target. It should be noted that on the same date last year, the country had threshed 99.8% of the area, the grain harvest was 14 million 537.3 thousand tons.

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