Kazakhstan: Price of a loaf of bread will not change for Kostanay citizens

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The Government has approved the cost of state purchases of new wheat crop. About 28,000 tenge per ton – for VAT payers and 25,000 tenge per ton – for those who do to pay VAT. According to Deputy Mayor of Kostanay region, such price for grain will allow avoiding an increase in the cost of a loaf of bread for the people, wrote the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Kostanay region now has the highest rate of the harvest of the new crop. Local growers fell the bins with 4 million 731 thousand tons of grain. Nearly 96 percent of the crop is removed. The average grain yield across the area is at 11.3 q/ha. According to the deputy mayor of Kostanay region Bazyl Zhakupov, the region plans to remove 5,000,000 tons. This harvest, in his opinion, only plays into the hands of Kostanay citizens. In fact, until August of this year, the region managed to keep the price of bread, thanks to the stabilization fund of grain.

– Today we see pretty good harvest – gross yield will be 5,000,000 tons. Last year the state allocated to us 60 thousand tons of wheat. We sold it for 28,000 tenge, flour was sold for 45 thousand tenge and I express deep gratitude to millers that they were sympathetic enough, he explained.

Today, there is no issue of increasing the cost of a loaf of bread for the population, continued Bazylev Zhakupov. The government has identified the purchase price for milling wheat for state resources: 28 000 tenge per ton – for VAT payers and 25,000 tenge per ton – for those who do not pay VAT.

– Last year the cost was 28 thousand tenge and now also 28 thousand tenge, and while the increase in the price of bread is not expected. If the high price of wheat will develop in the market, I think we will take appropriate measures, once again creating a stabilization fund. If the price rises in the market, respectively, it will affect the cost of flour, we will take action, said B.Zhakupov.

Today, says Bazylev Zhakupov, a region is busy with completing the harvesting campaign. Heavy rains severely slowed its pace.

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