Kazakhstan: Prices of meat, rice and pasta in Almaty stayed at the same level

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The consumer price index in Almaty, according to statistics, in June compared to May amounted to 100.1%. Prices of food and non-food goods, services rose – by 0.1% each.

As noted in the Department of Statistics, the main influence on the price increase in group of food goods in June of this year had a rise in prices for fresh vegetables, such as potatoes – by 5.5%, onions – by 3.6%, peppers – by 2.1%, carrot – by 2.0%, beet – by 1.7%. However, for cucumbers and tomatoes was noted a decline of 14.6 and 12.6%, respectively, for cabbage – of 0.3%.

The price of meat has remained the same as last month.

The cost of fish and seafood increased by 0.9%, including canned fish non- gourmet – by 1.9%, fresh fish – by 1.6%, smoked and salted fish – by 1.2%.

Flour prices dropped by 0.2%, due to the price reduction of first-rate wheat flour by 1.3%, however, the top-grade flour has increased in price by 1.5%, said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In the southern capital during the last month cereals fell in price by 1.4%, including buckwheat – by 3.2%, however, semolina increased by 4.1%.

Rice and pasta did not change for a month.

Dairy products fell by 0.2%, including raw milk – by 1.5%, yogurt – 0.8%, sour cream – 0.3%.

According to statistics, the cost of sugar has decreased by 2.6%.

Increase in prices of alcoholic beverages amounted to 0.3%, while vodka increased by 0.9%.

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