Kazakhstan: “The current crop will be more valuable as seeds” – Akmola farmers

Новость на Казах-зерно:

“This year there is little grain and its value, of course, will grow, and Kazakhstan growers are waiting for this. But not all will be able to sell it successfully until 2013”, the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed by Akmola farmers.

Farmers, on the eve of increasing the cost of grain, closed their warehouses and are waiting for high prices. But not all growers can afford such a “luxury”. Loans, leases and debts can not wait for better times.

“This is a situation in general, and for us, for example, last year’s harvest served as a good help. Received in 2011, the benefit goes to the payment of credits and debts, so with the effects of the drought we are fighting on our own”, said the head of the LLC “Askop”.

The current price for a ton of wheat varies in the range of 320 dollars. “There is no bread. And closer to the new year we will see how the price of grain will rise to 400-450 dollars”, farmers explained.

On average, about $ 120 a partnership “Askop” spent on the cultivation and processing of a hectare of their land. And they intend to cover their costs.

“Smart agrarian will bet on elite seeds, because the success of future crops depends on them. We produce these very seeds, so we will wait for the period of preparation for the spring field works and sell the harvest of 2012 at a price of about $ 500 per ton”.

We remind, according to official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, the drought has destroyed crops on 226 thousand ectares of local farmlands. Akmola farmers added 3 million 453.7 thousand tons of newly harvested grain in general loaf Kazakhstan.

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