Kazakhstan: “While the dollar and tenge are playing, poultry breeders suffer from losses” – opinion

Новость на Казах-зерно:

A month has passed since Kazakhstan people began to live with a new exchange rate of tenge. Immediately after the devaluation in the country was a big propaganda: all well-known Kazakhstan farmers in one voice said that it will bring enormous benefit to domestic producers. In fact, if this had positive results, told to the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” the President of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan Ruslan Sharipov.

People in their conclusions about the positive financial changes in the pockets of Kazakh producers are quite objective. But everyone says taking into account its own farm management features, said Ruslan Sharipov. For those, whose activities are directly dependent on imports, there will not be improvement of financial state.

“Their hay, grain, straw – everything they need for feed is harvested here – in Kazakhstan. And for us, poultry breeders, this situation turned out to be not so positive. In compound animal feed for poultry there are 20 components, 19 of which we import from abroad. In this poultry breeding definitely did not win”, said the source.

Egg production has its seasons. In the summer it goes for next to nothing. A poultry breeder said that in the summer egg is sold only to sell. “Our costs are now increasing, and the APC is trying to punish us on these issues. We made concessions to the government, and today we work on the old stock. But another question is: How far we can go with it?” said Ruslan Ismailovich.

Now Kazakh trade pavilions are stuffed with chicken meat from Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia. And according to the interlocutor, it is a huge problem. “We produce about 4 billion eggs, thereby completely provide ourselves. This year was produced 146 thousand tons of meat, while Kazakhstan needs 350 thousand. About 110 thousand is covered by the chicken legs. The rest goes over – unreported, which creates a shadow market. Now the quantity of imported chicken meat is not recorded anywhere. The customs office referred to a much lesser extent than in fact is imported”, said the president of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan.

Interlocutor is haunted by the story of the supposedly unique action, thanks to which the cost of one egg was only 7 tenge, instead of 14-15. “When the end of useful life, the price of the egg was released. Everyone knows that, and everyone does. Here, for example, an announcement was in all the media that there is an action the egg for 7 tenge. All bought and then called and complained that rotten eggs was sold, and asked why the actions were not taken. I say – return to the store, complain, and think before you buy”, summed up the respondent.

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