Kazakhstan: Rains hamper mowing in the Karaganda region

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Wet weather hampers the pace of hay –moving in the Karaganda region. About this the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed in the regional department of agriculture.

As of July 25, villagers have harvested 643.3 thousand tons of hay, which amounted to 64.3% of the plan. In particular, the hay of perennial grasses was 107.8 thousand tons.

This summer in the region has stood abnormally wet. Because of this grass stand is very good, but it is not always possible to mow the hay. The thing is that dry weather is necessary for hay-mowing. Otherwise, if you mow the grass wet, it will rot and will not be stored until winter.

Meteorologists forecast in August more stable dry warm weather. During this period, the villagers will have to make up for lost time by speeding up the pace of fodder procurement.

At present, the leader in hay-making process is Zhanaarkinsky district – at 78% of the plan, followed by Shetsky district – 72%. Among the most lagging are Aktogaysky district – 52.3% and Karkaralinsky district – 53.1% of the plan.

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