Kazakhstan sees no need for a ban on grain exports

According to the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Eugene Aman, Kazakhstan sees no need to introduce a ban on the export of grain,  reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno” with reference to the agency “IA News Kazakhstan“.
On Thursday, the government of Russia, a temporary ban on wheat exports from the country from 15 August to 31 December 2010, requested the Ministry of Economic Development to submit to the commission of the Customs Union (CU) proposal to adopt similar measures in other countries participating TS – Kazakhstan and Belarus. 
“Grain Union of Kazakhstan (organization, uniting the large grain economy of the country), bearing in mind past experience, when such a ban was introduced, asked the Government not to impose a ban (on grain exports),” – said Aman IA News-Kazakhstan. 
He explained that “for the internal needs of the desired amount of grain we have and will.” In addition, according to Haman, to introduce a ban on the export of grain – which means breaking contracts, lose markets that we just came out ” 

“We have to weather this year, the situation is better than in Russia, and if the forecast for the harvest is justified – and the judge of this will be possible only in September, when the grind, it becomes clear grain yield and quality – the need to introduce a ban on exports from We will not “- noted. 
“We have to talk about it (the ban on exports) early, to prohibit, if need be, we always have time” – he stressed. 
In early August, Kazakhstan, entering the top ten world exporters of grain, the first time in this year’s crop forecast adjusted upward – up to 15 million tons from 13.5 million in favorable weather conditions during flowering and grain filling. 
Earlier forecasts of Ministry of Agriculture was 14,5-15,5 million tons, but later, due to severe drought, the forecast was reduced to 13,5 million tons. 
Now, according to the ministry, the harvest of 13.5 million tons of grain in clean weight expected for pessimistic when loading grain will occur at a very adverse weather conditions. 
According to the Agriculture Ministry, voiced the Sabbath at the board office in the republic 83% of grain crops are in good and satisfactory condition, poor standing there for 12% of crops, or 1.9 million hectares, only 883,000 hectares, or 5% crops due to drought killed. 
In the southern regions of the country have already started cleaning. To date, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, harvested 367,000 hectares of crops, milled 507,000 tons of grain yield at 13.8 tons per hectare, which is 6.7 tons per hectare less than in 2009 – 20.5 tons per hectare. 
In the major grain-producing regions – the north – in recent rains, which had facilitated the harvest of grain.

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