Kazakhstan: Such harvest was collected in Aktobe region for the first time in the last 7-8 years – akimat

In Aktobe region it was planned to remove 341 thousand hectares of crops, according to the akimat.

“Such crop in the region is harvested for the first time in the last 7-8 years. Sowing area is 567.6 thousand hectares, including grain crops – 340.9 thousand hectares, sunflower – 38.6 thousand hectares, potatoes -5, 95 thousand hectares, vegetables – 4.97 thousand, melons – 0.87 thousand and forage crops – 177.2 thousand hectares,” said in the akimat.

According to the Regional Department of Agriculture, as of August 18, in the region was threshed 10% of the acreage; it was collected 35.3 thousand tons of grain, writes the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

For the harvesting season the region received 10.9 thousand tons of cheap diesel. This amount of diesel is enough for all the work.

There are 7 elevators in the region, which are ready to accept up to 438,000 tons of grain; there are184 grain storages with a total capacity of 123.4 thousand tons. About 1,734 combine harvesters and 1,287 trucks will be engaged in the harvesting campaign.

According to the akimat, currently are harvested 34.1 thousand hectares, the average yield is 10.4 quiltals per hectare, higher than average regional figure is observed in Khromtau (15.9 q), Algalinsky (11.9 q), Martuksky (11 q), Kargalinsky (10.8 q) and Kobdinsky (10.4 q) districts.

Mass cleaning, which began on August 20, is to be completed by September 25.

In addition, hay is procured in the amount of 2 million tons for 2016-2017.

Also in the akimat informed on the issue of preparation of projects for the recovery of irrigated land. For these purposes from the local budget is allocated 356 million tenge, has been prepared DED for 10 buildings with area of 8,900 hectares of irrigated land, has been received state expertise. Preparation of land acts for 27 thousand hectares of land in Martusky, Hobdinsky, Uilsky, Temirsky and Khromtau districts is nearing completion.

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