Kazakhstan: The amount of grain harvested in Karaganda fields is lower than last year

Grain harvesting has been finished in Karaganda region.

As reported in the regional department of agriculture, less grain than last year is harvested in Karaganda fields. This year 780 thousand tons of grain has been harvested. The average grain yield this year is 10.1 quintals per hectare. Last year, the figure was better – 14 quintals of grain.

As experts explained, the reason for the decrease in volumes is a lack of moisture. The lack of abundant precipitation negatively affected the growth of grain crops.

We recall, as previously reported the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, due to hail in the summer months, peasants in the Karaganda region lost part of the crops – 8.7 thousand hectares of the area was written off.

In 2017, the sown area of agricultural crops in the region amounted to 1,121.9 thousand hectares and increased compared to 2016 by 3.9%.

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