Kazakhstan: The first frost has put into question the level of future bread – Akmola farmer

Новость на Казах-зерно:

“We have already had problems with the quality of the new crop, even before the first frost came, at night the temperature was only four degrees. What to wait now we do not know”, the correspondent of the IA”Kazakh-Zerno” was told in the LLC “Preobrazhenka» of Akmola region.

We have our own dryer, so the rain does not spoil the mood of the peasants too much. “There is a dryer, so we do a little more fun compared with the others. But in the fields in some places still is standing immature wheat. What will be with it now, after the frost, is anyone’s guess”, said farmers.

Weak nature can significantly affect the value of the grain. Farmers hope that it will not cost less than 20 thousand; otherwise many small farms will go bankrupt.

We recall, as of today, the harvesting campaign in the region is finished by 42%. The harvest of new grain exceeded 1.9 million tons.

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