Kazakhstan: the increase in wheat prices in the north caused the increase in flour prices in the south

As soon as grain prices increased in the North Kazakhstan, in the South Kazakhstan jumped flour prices , reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.
This is not surprising, because all the flour mills in South Kazakhstan usually buy grain for processing in Akmola, Pavlodar and Kostanai regions, because they prefer grain with high content of gluten.
And what about the South Kazakhstan grain? According to one of the high-ranking officials, the southern grain is usually added to the north and as a result they produce wonderful bread. That means that the grain grown in the fields of South Kazakhstan is not really good for food purposes. 
According to Raihan Nigmadilova, the executive director of the Association of Millers of South Kazakhstan “Astyk Onemderi” the increase in prices for northern grain and flour in the South of the country is caused by reaction to problems with the crop in Russia and Canada. She also added that this is a temporary phenomenon and prices will soon stabilize. 
This topic has been the subject of the meeting in the regional department. The relevant authorities have been instructed to monitor the prices of flour and bakery products at retail and in bakeries. By the way, millers appealed to authorities to settle the volumes and prices of grain purchased through the Prodcorporation. “We can find a lot of ways, – said the first deputy of the head of the region B. Ospanov – to punish those who use this opportunity to raise the cost of their products without any serious reasons for that.”

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