Kazakhstan: There is 84,008 tons of food grain in the capital bins

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The participants of the grain market of Astana, as of November 1, 2013 had 84,008 tons of grain, including food – 84,008 tons. This was reported on the website of the capital department of statistics.

The main cereal crop for food is wheat (99.9 % of the total food grain).

The biggest amount of grain for food (88.8%) is concentrated in the elevators of the city. On mills of the city for processing is available 9,103 tons of wheat, 48 tons of barley, 48 tons of corn and 3 tons of rye.

It should be noted, according to monitoring conducted by staff reporter of the IA “Kazakh- Zerno”, on November 7, in the capital wheat of 3 class can be purchased for 29,300 tenge per ton ($189.89). First-rate flour in the capital was sold at 50,000 tenge per ton ($325.46), the top-grade – at 52,400 tenge per ton ($341.08). second-rate flour in the markets cost 46,300 tenge per ton ($ 301.37).

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