Kazakhstan: there will be no shortage of grain due to increased demand for exports -Prodcorporation

It is believed that due to the increase in grain prices, drought, fires and floods it would be more profitable for grain companies to sell the entire harvest for export, and it may happen so there will be shortage of grain in the domestic market. It is impossible, – said Daulet Uvashev , Managing Director of Commercial Affairs of JSC “NC “Prodcorporation” in his interview with the newspaper “Liter”, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.
All necessary measures are being taken in order to prevent this: memorandums are made in the regions, in which each region records its need in grain.And then at the request, the region will receive as much as he indicated in the document. This is the role of the Prodcorporation. We need to stabilize the costs of the domestic market. 
As for drought, it is well known that it did not Kazakhstan. Therefore, the grain is moved from the northern regions to the west of the republic, which was particularly hit by the drought, in order its population did not feel shortage of grain. 
In its forecast for the harvest Daulet Uvashev cited the figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In reality, the future harvest of grain in the country will be about 11.5 million tons.
Alimbekov Gabitov

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