Kazakhstan to ship more grain by September 2012

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Kazakhstan has already shipped 11 million tons of grain for export with another 3 million to be shipped by September, the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture has reported. Meanwhile, seven million tons of grain is stored in the three main grain-sowing regions of the country with local elevators being 64% loaded.

Meanwhile, the material and technical base of some storage facilities is worn as some of them require restoration. The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture recommends that elevators’ owners carefully prepare the ground for the reception of the new crop. The Ministry of Agriculture also reported that the saiga population in Kazakhstan has increased by 51,000 over the past two years to have reached more than 136,000 heads, which is almost 35% more than last year the latest aerial survey indicates. The Ministry plans to increase the number of saiga antelopes to half a million heads.

Committee chairman, Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture Yerlan Nyssanbayev: “The area of distribution in 10 regions is about 100 million hectares. There is good news saying that a group of 500 saigas appeared in the Ayagoz region. This is a good indicator. Over the past 19 years, it was not seen in the Korgalzhi Lakes area. This year, approximately 20,000 of such animals have wintered there”.

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