Kazakhstan to upgrade veterinary system

The veterinary system of Kazakhstan will be modernized in 6 key directions, Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Asylzhan Mamytbekov said at the government hour.

The Minister said that the structure of veterinary management and the practice of all veterinary services of the country were analyzed. Action plans were developed to address existing problems.

Besides, the procedure of issuing veterinary certificates was simplified and the list of people having the right to issue such certificates was extended.

Besides, the mechanism of valuation of seized animals and products of animal origin will be changed this year as well. This mechanism allows to pay compensation to owners of cattle for seized cattle at a mid-market price.

Besides, state veterinary organizations with veterinary stations will be established and the state system of veterinary will be restored at the local level in order to strengthen the system of veterinary service of the local executive bodies.

The work on upgrading of the database of identification of animals with inclusion of opportunities to trace the products and raw materials of animal origin throughout the life cycle is conducted.

The cooperation with the International Office of Epizootics will be continued in the sphere of professional development of veterinaries.

Proposals on toughening measures and responsibility for violation of the veterinary legislation were developed in the legislative sphere

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