Kazakhstan: Vegetables decreased and fruit rose in price in Zhambyl region

Inflation in Zhambyl region in July amounted to 99.9%. Prices for foodstuffs fell by 0.4%, non-food products increased by 0.2%, prices and tariffs for paid services by 0.1%.

In July, the regional department of statistics fixed a decrease in prices of potatoes by 13.1%, fresh vegetables – by 7.9%, poultry – by 3.5%, eggs – by 2.4%, sugar – by 2.2%, dairy products, oils and fats – by 0.4%, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

The price increase was observed for tobacco products by 2,9%, alcoholic beverages – by 2.1%, fresh fruit – by 1%, soft drinks – by 0.2%.

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