Launch of grain elevator in North Kazakhstan region

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Grain elevator LLP ‘Kid Trade’ was launched in Zhambyl district of North Kazakhstan region within the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development.

The projecting cost of the elevator was more than KZT 2 mln. The construction of it allowed to reduce the deficit of the grain storages, improve the conditions of grains storage and supply high quality products to the domestic market of Kazakhstan.

Besides, the production capacity makes 52 thousand tons of grains a year. Additional jobs are created at the grain elevator and the equipment manufactured by ‘Schmidt-Seeger’ Company is used there as well.

The GDP growth of Kazakhstan will make 50% of 2008 indicators by 2014 within the implementation of the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development, labor productivity – 50%, share of non-oil and gas export – up to 40%. The reduction of the energy intensity of the GDP will be about 10% of the 2008 level and the share of the innovative enterprises is expected to increase up to 10%.

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