Mamytbekov assigns functions of the Ministry of Agriculture

The editorial office of received a letter from a veteran of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, whose heart aches at the sight of what the “heirs” of Asylzhan Mamytbekov are doing with the industry.  And first of all, we are talking about people who are responsible for not only the agricultural sector, but also the health of all citizens of Kazakhstan, such as veterinary safety and phytosanitary control.

 And after that, it is not worth surprising that in all his actions the ex-head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan behaves like an acting minister.  After all, he slowly collects more and more threads in his hands, yanking them, you can continue to manage the industry.

Murderous Reform

Famous personalities – Gulmira Isayeva, for many years holding the post of Vice-Minister. And Mars Almabek, not so long ago appointed head of the state inspection Committee in agro industrial complex.

Recall that with the direct participation Gulmira Isayeva at the time was the reform of the veterinary service of Kazakhstan. Namely, the Ministry of agriculture just “got rid” themselves of these functions, giving them to the jurisdiction of the governorates.

What is the result? Veterinary safety of animal husbandry of Kazakhstan went down sharply. Now in the country it is impossible to find cattle, which would at least something didn’t hurt.

According to statistics, today a large part of the cattle located in the southern regions of Kazakhstan, the so-called buffer zone, which includes the territory of four regions of the country (East-Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhambyl and Turkestan), which is affected with foot and mouth disease. Used here, vaccination of cattle, which prohibits the movement of animals and raw materials of animal origin in the other 10 regions of the Republic, which are also prosperous for FMD without vaccination. Now, in the buffer zone is 433 thousand 824 thousand from the country breeding cattle!

In fact, the tribal farms of the southern region accounted for nothing to sell their breed cattle for meat or export instead to use it for breed transformation of Kazakhstani population. Now breeding reproducers are willing to sell their bred heifer’s 500-600 thousand tenge, when imported purebred cattle with shipping costs more than 800-900 thousand tenge.

And now to correct the situation, you should promptly develop a set of targeted programs for the prevention, prophylaxis and liquidation of infectious diseases of animals.

And then the question arises: whether it is the Ministry of agriculture (represented by Ms. Gulmira Isaeva)? After all, the current situation and allowed last year to be exported 156 thousand head of cattle for Meat Union and its Chairman Asylzhan Mamytbekov. And the fact that in the case of veterinary safety South cattle could serve to benefit the development of the meat industry, I’m sure, not the head of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan Asylzhan Mamytbekov, nor his right hand Gulmira Isayeva do not care…

Office of crooks

But back to the letter of the veteran of the agricultural industry, received by the editor.  It has a direct connection with the situation described in livestock farming.  And very soon it can be repeated in crop production – from the filing of another “heir” Mamytbekov – Mars Almabek.

 According to the author, for 9 years of work in the Committee of State Inspections, Mars Almabek was a deputy for four leaders.  And in the end, he took a leadership position himself.  Although being a deputy, he single-handedly resolved many strategic, personnel and other issues because he enjoyed the patronage of Saktash Khasenov, who in 2016 was sentenced to eight years for taking bribes as chairman of the committee for veterinary control and supervision.

 So, with the direct participation of Mars Almabek over the years, the State Inspection Committee has evolved from one of the leading divisions of the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for the country’s food security, into a “Office of crooks”.

 If the Committee once had a supervisory function in the field of crop production, animal husbandry and technical inspection, then in recent years its area of ​​competence has narrowed.

“With the connivance of Minister Mamytbekov, together with the supervising vice minister Isaeva, Almabek managed to carry out his plans, reducing the authority of the OIG at times.  These points were described in detail in your article “The Ministry of Agriculture Loses Control of the Grain Market” about the consequences of a reduction in grain inspectors.  True, after the publication of your article, plans to reduce grain inspectors were postponed until later, but a political decision has already been made to eliminate the tribal inspection department from April 1 of this year.  And this is with the mess of the livestock industry that is happening in the industry.  Thus, all state functions related to livestock breeding will be transferred to dubious private, commercial and public structures such as the Meat Union, tribal chambers and others”, writes an industry veteran.

What for?  To answer this question, you need to pay attention to the analogy with the Meat Union, which has now become almost the main body for the “development” of livestock in the country, having suppressed even the Ministry of Agriculture in this role.

Alien Powers

It turns out that Mars Almabek (probably implementing a comprehensive plan of the ex-minister’s group to “privatize” the control over the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan) plans to create the exact same private shop in the field of crop control!


“And he acts one on one according to the method of the Meat Union.  For example, on the website of the Agribirushka stumbled upon such an announcement: “In order to increase the sales markets of our domestic products, the Ministry of Agriculture is doing a lot of work, so one of the largest areas is China.  So, according to the requirements of the Chinese side, for exporting regulated products to the PRC, our enterprises must be in the register of authorized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the register).  To be included in the Register of Enterprises of China, it is necessary to conduct a survey by the public service of the Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for plant products and the General Customs Administration of the People’s Republic of China.  In this regard, it is necessary to bring all Kazakhstani enterprises interested in exporting plant products to China, contact the Association of Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine of Kazakhstan, which will, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, initiate preventive monitoring with a visit to further obtain an opinion on the phytosanitary quarantine condition of the object! “, writes a veteran of the agrarian industry.

How do you like that ?!  A certain public organization takes control of the entire licensing procedure for exporting crop products to the most promising market for Kazakhstan – China!  And not only him – then control over almost all agricultural exports of Kazakhstan will be in the same hands.  And we know – in whose …

Ass of Mamytbekov

“For inclusion in the Register of enterprises of China surveys may be needed by the state service of Protocol on phytosanitary requirements of crop production and the General administration of customs people’s Republic of China. Feel the difference: on the Chinese side involved quite solid state organization of Kazakhstan — unknown Association of legal entities. this smacks of several articles of the criminal code. This is pure delegation of state functions to the authorized body for the benefit of private individuals”, outraged the author of the letter. And we share his emotions.

Who said that? Therefore, all this chaos going on with the direct connivance of the Ministry of agriculture and personally Minister of agriculture of Spargana Omarova. Apparently, it is because of this spinelessness earned him the nickname “LEGO”…

And I want to shake Sake on the shoulder and say:

“Wake up, dear! Look what they are doing behind your back people from the clan of your predecessor! Enough to try to go between the raindrops and trying never to step on the foot – just to stay in the position of Minister. Yes, the pension is near, and retire from soft nicer Ministerial chair, still remembering the warmth of your ass Mamytbekov. But think about it, Sake, what will people say about you people? They will tell you about your descendants? You even tried to bring the agribusiness to the right path of development? Yes, it bend to you – but if you’re seeing all of these abuses, did nothing to fix the situation – you become their silent partner! How can grandchildren be proud of SUCH a grandfather Minister? Sweep over the filthy broom from the Ministry of agriculture all those who now remains the right (and left) hand Mamytbekov. Renew membership, brought new “clean” shots. Think about patriotism, about the problem that year after year put the President and the President. With this ballast, which the Agency left behind Mamytbekov, you’re not leaving. He will go down, and the industry will push there too!”

Devastating example

And now about the benefits of Mars Almabek and standing behind him clan. There is no doubt that once the result of the cynical “reforms” of the OIG in agriculture phytosanitary control from the state will go into private hands, just take off prices for it.

“How much is this service announcement is silent. However, exporters of plant products was worried these innovations. Because when applying for receiving the state service for issuing quarantine and phytosanitary certificates in the field began to receive strong recommendations for membership in the Association of the phytosanitary Kazakhstan, the annual amount of entrance fees which is 500 thousand tenge and is likely to visit so-called “phytosanitary” with the purpose of preventive control also costs money. Additionally, the same fate awaits all who in one way or another will affect the patrimony of Mars Alambama. M. And this is the elevators, HSP, firms implement the pesticides, suppliers of processing of fields against pests and many others. There is information that a couple dozen legal. individuals have entered into this Association,”  said the veteran of the agricultural industry.

To predict future developments, it is not necessary to be Nostradamus: all the exporters fresh in the memory of the events associated with the “privatization” of the Park of grain carriers to Kazakhstan. Before this happened, acceptable tariff for export of agricultural products has allowed agriculture to remain competitive, even in spite of remoteness from sea ports – the main points of grain marketing. And then, one day, the Park was transferred to some joint Russian-Kazakh company. Prices immediately soared, and the economic feasibility of export started to come apart at the seams. Even after some time of joint enterprises of Kazakhstan, the owner came out and all the grain of Kazakhstan suddenly found himself in full possession of the Russians! Given the direct competition of grain producers of Russia and Kazakhstan, it was just a crime against the economic interests of domestic farmers. Year after year now, we see the fall not enough cars (apparently, while they ride on foreign roads), and the rates for transportation are constantly increasing. As a result, suffers the competitiveness of agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Similar situation we get now. Once a private shop will have the right to decide to whom to give the phytosanitary export permit, and who not to, she will “milk” farmers and traders. When the already minimal profitability of grain business (the main export commodity is now), the additional costs will be another blow to exports. See how sagged the millers at the end of 2019! Soon, the same outcome will be.

Mafia is not sleeping

No, we are not against the development of any system — though rail transport, although services exports. We spoil the fact that all this, with the connivance of the Ministry of agriculture, delatsya opaque, without any competition. After all, business is just not allowed in those areas where there is interest Mamytbekov and his team.

Look at the system Qolday. Appeared as if from nowhere, she’s like an octopus entangled in the whole agriculture of the country – and no captain of Catania with him will not cope. Because alternatives Qolday the Ministry of agriculture to offer don’t bother. As a result, farmers are now receiving letters (one copy is in the wording) with a commercial “offer you can’t refuse” (as they say in the mafia movies): it is proposed to work with Qolday on a wide range of issues – from providing loans to aid in obtaining investment subsidies.

And between the lines of this sentence read will not work with us – will receive no state support. And rightly so, because the farmer alternatives Qolday when submitting documents for subsidies no!

Meanwhile, we have an eloquent indicator of the lawlessness in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan – not here want to go to foreign investors. Yes there are foreign and domestic investors, banks try to stay as far away from projects in agriculture. Everyone knows that it is the “patrimony” of one clan (the one that winters in the South). The interests of any investor will intersect with their interests, and then down the drain…

So, once again appeal to Saparhan Omarov, get rid of those who prevent you to discharge your Elbasy and the president’s goal. Sake, give up the past to have the agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan was the future.

Myrzabek Smagulov

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