Mamytbekov will try again to head the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Mamytbekov still feels like a minister!”, such a summary was made by viewers who watched a discussion on a ban on livestock export from the country on one of Kazakhstan’s television channels, writes «».  On the one hand, the ex-head of the agrarian department took part in it, on the other, representatives of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan, agricultural processing enterprises, science and the business community.

Platform for manipulation

Unfortunately, due to the “charge” of the grief-leading in favor of Mamytbekov’s position, the conversation turned out to be one-sided, and once again everything turned into hysteria on the topic “there was no need to introduce a ban on livestock export.”  Again, the viewer was fed with primitive arguments about “benefits for ordinary farmers,” leaving behind the scenes the only important argument: receiving tens of billions of tenge from the state with the right hand to increase the number of cattle and small cattle in the country, left-handed feeding specialists sell this livestock abroad.  No logic, no economic calculation – only self-interest.

 Interestingly, this program is usually open, with questions from viewers and live commentary.  This time, phone calls were not received.  Instead, one speaker was prepared (although, in the end, his hands did not reach him either).  And who was it, what do you think?  Maksut Baktibaev, ex-official of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the team of Asylzhan Mamytbekov, now managing the Meat Union of Kazakhstan together with him!

 As a result, it became obvious to all participants that the status of the transfer from the discussion platform collapsed to the level of the platform for manipulating public consciousness.  The very manipulation on which Mamytbekov and his cattle breeders have already eaten the dog, shamelessly practicing it for almost 10 years.

Narrow neck

And what do we have in fact?

 The same group of people earn on export as on subsidies.  The fact is that permission to import live cattle to Uzbekistan is given by the veterinary service of this country, after conducting an inspection.  So, the neighbors inspected only three enterprises in Kazakhstan, two of which are located (like a surprise) in the Turkestan region, where the entire clan of the ex-head of the Ministry of Agriculture dug in.  Each of the feed sites that received permission exported approximately 40 thousand head of cattle by the end of 2019.

 That is, all export operations related to live cattle went through a narrow neck.  At the same time, fits into this narrow neck oh how much!  And of course, to the benefit of a narrow circle of intermediaries.

 How much did they earn?  It’s not a secret.  With the removal of each head of cattle, the net profit of the intermediary is 60 thousand tenge.  Total, only on cattle export for 2019 did they earn 10 billion tenge!  Now it’s clear what kind of fatty piece of meat these people are fighting for?

Interestingly, potential buyers of Kazakhstan’s livestock products were initially “charged” to buy registered livestock!  It turns out that while the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan built sand castles with one hand in front of us all (from ordinary farmers to the head of state) talking about the supposedly real possibility of becoming exporters of expensive marbled beef of premium quality for steaks, with the other hand they prepared the ground in order to drive  for export it is raw materials in the form of live cattle!

 Cause?  Additional profit due to VAT refund of 15%!  Processors do not have a right to return.  At the same time, they benefit the country by creating jobs and replenishing the treasury.  But are intermediaries interested in something other than filling their own pockets?  Therefore, they choose a business buy-sell.

 Want proof?  Here it is – on the border with Kazakhstan, China has already built a feedlot for 240 thousand head of cattle at the same time!

 Such large-scale projects in one day (and even one year) are not implemented.  So, even during the time of active negotiations with the Chinese, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan team was discussing the export of livestock, and not meat products.  There is not only a deception of the state with real damage to the treasury (after all, state financing was allocated specifically for the export of meat, not cattle!), But also a betrayal of the national interests of Kazakhstan.

 Is it then surprising that the former Ministry of Agriculture team has not signed with China permission to import chilled meat?  Yes, they just did not need it!

Back to the ministers

The persistence, with which Mamytbekov has been kicking his chest in the past month with shouts: “I have completed the task of exporting 60 thousand tons of meat!” Suggests that this message is addressed not only to outside listeners, but to the one who set the task originally – Elbasy.

  So, Asylzhan Mamytbekov still has not given up the idea of ​​returning to the chair of the head of the agrarian department, and is doing everything possible for this.

 “Reporting” to the First President on the completion (albeit with a three-year delay) of the task is only the first step.  Further timing plans are not difficult to calculate.  The main thing is that he needs to create the appearance that everything was good with him, and bad with the current head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 And here already a significant backlog on the side of Mamytbekov.  The current Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov himself helped him with his slurred position (moreover, on any issue – from the introduction of a recycling fee to a ban on livestock export), as well as … the weather.  Last year’s summer drought led to both a decrease in grain harvest and inadequate harvesting of feed.

 As a result, the rise in price of grain has already affected the cost of bread, cereals and other food products.  Next in line – the rise in price of meat – spring is approaching, and the stock of fodder for livestock breeders is running out.  And as a result, hay and fodder prices are rising.

Why meat will rise in price

Both that, and another – at the hand of Mamytbekov!

 After all, according to grain, he had already worked out the topic – under him, thanks to a prosperous system of posts, almost every year the head of state was informed about crop records.  As a result, an opinion was formed – before the grain was heaped, but Mamytbekov was removed – and in the bins is empty.

 Now the same thing will happen with meat.  For objective reasons, beef will soon jump in price due to objective reasons (the feed price increase we have already noted).  Experts talk about the level of 3,000 tenge per kilogram in retail by March.  What will Mamytbekov and his team of manipulators do?  This fact will be announced as a direct result of the ban on livestock exports.  The ground for this is already being prepared, and the opinions of fake farmers keep talking about the influence of one on the other.

 At the same time, against the backdrop of unusually snowy winters in spring, extraordinary floods are expected.  This will create a lot of problems, especially in rural areas, and will aggravate the situation of small farms and livestock farmers.

 As a result, Saparkhan Omarov, who has overslept this attack too, risks waking up not in the minister’s chair, but somewhere in the back of the process of further destruction of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  And his place will be taken either by Mamytbekov himself, or by someone from his close partners.  Of course, this will not be Maksut Baktibaev (corruption in the personal file will not allow).  But someone like him in the hole will certainly come up.

Reliance on poison

By the way, now almost all the key positions in the Ministry of agriculture and other agencies concerned with “development” of livestock are controlled by Mamytbekov, including the right hand timing — Deputy-Minister of agriculture Gulmira Isayeva, (responsible for veterinary medicine). This list includes the head of the livestock Department Yerkebulan Akhmetov and the head of Inspectorate of the state inspection Committee in agro-industrial complex of Mars Almabek.

In this case, the fact remains: the meat in Kazakhstan is not enough. Import of low quality chicken from abroad intensifies, and the citizens of the country forced them to choke and grass, on the background of the fact that exorbitant prices do not allow you to eat well until the trains calves go abroad…

There is no doubt that after the accession Mamytbekov in the Ministry of agriculture of RK the process of exporting live cattle would not only resume, but also will increase. And the dependence of Kazakhstan on imported food of poor quality (which recently drew the attention of the Head of state) will also rapidly increase. Now food is delivered for $3.5 billion! Moreover, is the fact that we could have easily made at home. And this is a direct consequence of built by Mamytbekov orientation of agriculture in Kazakhstan on the export of raw materials with very little of its own processing.

Therefore, we, the ordinary people of Kazakhstan, will others pay for the billions in profits of their health and the health of their children, being forced to eat shit, filled with steroids, pesticides and other GMOs.

Myrzabek Smagulov

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